The ultimate cheat sheet to Google Ads

Google ads make up about 99% of the PPC market. Organize traffic is best but it takes time. The way to get clients right away is to utilize Google ads. Many people are not aware of how Google ads work but that doesn’t mean they cannot succeed with them.

Although we build our ads from scratch to match your brand, we are happy to share this ultimate cheat sheet to Google ads if you want to do it yourself.

To make this strategy work, there are a few tools you want to have that make putting this strategies in place. There are a number of strategies you can use, and in this article, we share a few of them to make your ad campaign easier. Here are a few strategies that you can employ for the ultimate cheat sheet.

ultimate cheat sheet Google ads#1. Use other people’s ads ideas

Go to and search the key word that it is in your niche. It could the word that you want to rank for, or even better, a keyword gap. Then look at the ads that appear under that keyword.

Analyze the ad and understand how it is structured, put together and the layout. That ad has probably been tested and has yielded results. So you can emulate it to try and achieve a similar result.

Obviously, do not plagiarize another person’s ad. This only works as a basis of your won idea and a way to see what is working and appearing on the first page.

This is a strategy that if used correctly, can bring about great results. What you do not want to do however, is rely on it alone. There are others you can use because the idea is:

“You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when you can be guided by what already works”

#2 Use the right SEO tools

Nowadays, it is impossible to keep up with all your website metrics without the right tools.

Using the right tools helps you track better, improve where you need to and optimize your services. Analyzing your competition and becomes much easier. By looking at your competition and the market in your overall niche helps you stay on top of the compeition. It takes the guess work out of things.

We understand that sometimes this is not possible because as a business owner, you have a million things to do on a daily basis. But rest assure, that’s why we are here. And that’s why we have not just full term monthly Growth Talent plans, but individual plans as well with prices clearly visible and transparent.

Some of the best tools out there are PPC spy tools such as SpyFu, which we utilize to make sure you don’t have to guess. Ahrefs is another amazing tool we use among others.

seo tools

#3 Single keyword ad group

This is a technique that is underuse. The benefit of it is that it gives you the ability to optimize every spect of your campaign around one keyword. If you make a highly focused landing page based on that one keyword, it reduces your ad spend and increases conversion.

“One focused keyword is way more effective than multiple keywords that don’t convert”

#4 It’s okay to bid on competitor names

The audience that is searching for your competitor’s services is already in the market. By adding your competitor’s name in your keyword list, you give prospects the option to buy your offering as well. At the end of the day, you are offering a great service and someone is looking for that service to help them. Be there to help them.

For more tips and ideas including how our experts can help your business grow, let us know right here.


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