We are a results driven team

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Growth means results. Each and every Growth Talent is hired to help your company maximize its growth potential. No fluff, just results.

We are driven by our values

We take pride in providing the best talents for your business. We only hire the top 0.5% of applicants for the highest quality of offshore help. Talents are trained according to the desires of your business.

Our Talents emerge from top universities abroad, managed by a U.S based team. We only hire the top 1%. And we only hire about 2% of applicants. Our goal is to maintain a high quality for our clients.

You get enthusiastic full time team members, they get high growth jobs at top companies. Short term and one time projects are also met with the same attention to detail and top quality.

We are global and growing

April - 2021

Inzagy Technologies LLC is launched

Tate, Valentina, and Software Developer friends meet to discuss launching a business while on vacation

- April 2021, business registration is complete in the state of Delaware
- Stake tokens and declare their intent to validate or nominate.

August - 2021

5 Quality Growth Talents Placed

- In less than 5 months, 10 Quality Growth Talents placed at 10 companies full time.

- A combined 40% increase in the overall gro

January - 2022

More Growth Talents join

- 10 more high level Freelance Growth & Design Talents added

- Partnership with Square

August - (Current Phase)

Add more services & website redesign

- More Growth Talents more services added

- Company wide training month to meet new added client procedures






100% return rate

Q4 2022 and beyond

Future goals

- Work with more small businesses
- Hire 20+ Growth & Design Talents to offer even more services
- Hire copywriters due to demand

The founders & Investors

Tate Nanje

Founder, CEO

Valentina Popivoda

Founder, CFO

Alexis Vukovic

Investor & Software Engineer

Sarah Bauman


Some of our Growth Talents

Rida Arbab

Graphic Design Ninja

Gabriel Jameson

Advertising Lead

Kelvin Pizaro

Marketing Officer

Philip Smith

Talent Aquisition

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