Are your Websites Custom?
Absolutely, each site is made accordingly to the speicifcations of the business or individual.

Your prices are good, do you outsource your work?
We do not. Our Developers are all in-house, our team members specilize in each service area we offer. And the Lead in each area of services, has a direct focus in the service area to guide the team.

What happens after my website is complete?
If your also a hosting client, we built the website right on your account. If you have hosting service elsehwere, then we request access via FTP/Server to build the site. There are times, we build the site on our server before transfering it to yours. It all depends on the customer and their needs.

What if I need help, do you offer support?
YES YES, we are with you every step of the way. We offer support as you need it. Speak to us about the best way to support you and your business.

You don't use Wordpress?
Yes & No, some customers had used WordPress in the past and want to use it again. We will gladly build their site using WordPress this is not a problem at all to us.

Do you build custom CMS that are not Wordpress?
Yes we do. We can build a custom content management system for your particular purpose.

How much does a website cost?
We love this question... :-) This is by far our number one question. Unlike other companies we do not need treat you differently if you have more money or make more money than others. We treat every customers the same regardless of their status or company. We often run sales starting at just $199, this is unheard of for a great website. We are very transparent and open to explain prices after hearing your particular needs.

Can you make me a logo?
Yes we can. And there are huge discounts for logo design when you order a website design with us. And even more discounts if you are hosting your website with us. The bottom line is, the more you have with us, the more we give you :).

We hosting Q & A

What about hosting, Do I have to host my website with you?
No at all unless you want to! Unlike other web design companies at our level we do not need you to host the website with us. We do provide hosting for our customers but it does not means you are obligated to host with us.

How much are your hosting plans?
It depends on the needs of the customer. We have the lowest VPS hosting price starting at just $3.99. We can afford to offer such a beginning low price because we own the servers. There are other plans configured speficically for each client and dedicated servers are also availabe at very competitive rates, chat with a specialist for more information.

What is your up time guarantee?
We have a 99.99999% up time, uncompromised service and support.

SEO & Marketing

Are your websites SEO friendly?
100% Yes! Remember we are Google Partners! it's our obligation to you as a customer to make sure your website is visible online. So, for that reason we help you by building the website 100% SEO friendly and we use best practice on web design as requested by our partner GOOGLE.

Do you offer extended SEO service beyond design?
Yes! One of our specialists can take on your SEO project after initial design to ensure that your site is visible everywhere.

Can you help me with Online Marketing?
100% Yes! We don't just build your the website for you. We do much more than building the website. Our main goal is to help you succeed online. We are in for the long haul, our team is committed to your success and we offer many online marking packages including, Local SEO, National SEO, World Wide SEO and Paid Per Click Advertising (Adwords Account Step) including search network and display network.

Need more answers?

How long does a design project take?
Some project take a week, primarily blog setups, to two weeks; others take longer depending on the complexity of the project.

How easily will I be able to update the website myself?
It's very easy with CMS websites, others built on CSS & HTML5/PHP without an admin dashboard, we offer support until you are comfortable enough updating it yourself.

What content do I need to provide for my custom website design?

  1. Photography. Includes logo, if you do not have a logo, we can design one for you at minimal cost. It is important to have both lifestyle shots and products on a white background. You will want photos for your home page, for each product, and for many pages of your site, such as your About page. You may want photos that set the mood or explain how your products work.
  2. Text (copy). You will need keyword-rich text for your home page, product collections pages, product descriptions, and many pages of your site. Your copy needs to tell your story, answer questions, and sell your products. You will need some legal copy, such as your policy pages. You will need to consider small but important snippets of text, such as your calls to action for things such as joining your newsletter. We will guide you through what is needed and can also write the copy for you.
  3. Video. Video is continuing to become more popular as a way to tell your story and explain what differentiates your business or how to use your products. You may want an introduction video for the home page, a behind the scenes video for your About page, or videos showing individual products in use for product detail pages.
  4. Downloads. Some shops provide free downloads as part of their strategy. This could be anything from a printable PDF ring sizer to help people make a purchase to free phone wallpaper to entice them to join your mailing list. We can help design and create this content.