A little trick to increase Shopify conversion rate

For any website owner, optimization is key to seeing a massive difference. It’s a learning process that continues and continues until the numbers meet expectations. That goes for all website but especially e-commerce site that need conversion.

Your marketing emails need to be optimized as well. That’s what the customer sees before going to your website. And in order for the customer to make that click, they need to be convinced.

What if I told you, there was a way to optimize them so that you can make them three times for efficient and profitable?

To get started on doing that, you must start with your permalinks. Using permalinks, you can take your customer from to check out in a single click. They can fill their cart with products automatically and even apply for discount right from the email to checkout.


And if the customer is logged into the shop to pay, they can complete the purchase in just one click. This simplifies the process, increases conversion and more money in the bank for the shop owner.

How do you set this up?

Find the product you want to add this hack to and when you are on the product page, click on the address bar and type in “.xml” at the end of the url. In some themes, it works if you right click as well.

Now look for a piece of code that looks like what you see below:

<id type="integer">42497417805973</id>

In the image below, I’ve highlighted it to give you an idea of where to find it:

shopify code

<aside> ⚠️ If the product has multiple variants (i.e. colors or sizes), make sure you select the correct variant ID.

  • Important NoteNote that, occasionally, certain websites load the below page first. If this happens, you will just need to refresh the page until it loads in the correct format.

You’re then going to copy and paste the number within the code (e.g. 42497417805973). This is the variant’s unique ID.

You’re now almost there. The only thing left to do now is to place the variant ID in to the below URL:


So in this example, it would read:


Go on, copy and paste this URL in to your browser and watch the magic happen!

(But remember, as you are probably not an existing customer, it will unlikely take you straight to Shop Pay)

As you would have guessed, the ‘:1’ denotes the quantity of products. Therefore, if you were offering a quantity based discount, you could set this value to 2 or 3 or more instead!

  1. All that’s left to be done now, is for you to take this URL and link it to a CTA in your email.

Bonus Hacks

Now we’ve covered the basic set up, here’s where it gets exciting…

We can use these permalinks to put together bundles, automatic discount codes and even conversion tracking.

  • BundlesIf you wanted to promote a bundle of products, it’s just as easy.Simply separate all the products with a comma:


    So in the example below, the URL would read:


  • Discount CodesWe see 100s of brands offer discounts in their emails by saying “Enter ‘CODE’ to save X%”Why create an extra layer of friction for your customer, when you can add the code automatically for them.

    Here’s the URL template:


    So to create the example below, the URL would read:


    And as easy as that, the discount code is automatically added to their cart.

  • Order NotesNow, I’m aware there are more sophisticated ways to track an order’s origin and this level of detail may not be necessary.However, this is super precise and is a nice little trick to know, in my opinion.


    An effective way to use this would be:


    This comment then appears under ‘Notes’ on your order details page within the Shopify dashboard.

There you have it. The easiest way to improve the conversion rate of your emails.

No expensive custom-code, no 3rd party apps that slow your site down, just a simple fool-proof hack that takes no longer than 60 seconds to execute.

Implement this in to your business today!


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